Cantankerous Bulldogs, Unherdable Cats, Hummingbirds, Jackasses, Raccoon and Bats

Cantankerous  Bulldogs Thumbnail

by Jean Gay Musseleman
David C Mussleman, DVM

The perfect book for animal lovers everywhere, you will love Jean Gay Musseleman's delightful stories about her wild and domestic friends in the animal kingdom and her husband David Musseleman's real life adventures as a Veterinarian. Like Potluck, Postscripts, and Potpourri, Jean Gay's first book, the coauthored Cantankerous Bulldogs brings us another 50 unforgettable stories by Jean Gay, as well as 30 historical, educational, and adventurous sidebars from her husband, David, gleaned from his 52- year practice of veterinary medicine. Jean Gay's wonderful stories about personal encounters, family encounters, neighborly encounters, and communal encounters with animals, both wild and domestic, range from her early childhood to present day.

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