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oin Jean Gay Mussleman on an unforgettable journey across two centuries of Southern culture, generations of Family tradition, and a real taste of the very best of genuine Southern Cooking. With more than 100 heart-felt stories and 160-plus delicious Southern recipes, Potluck, Postscripts & Potpourri unveils the treasures of place, family, friends, food, and history, embracing life and rekindling memories of the good things that bring us happiness and daily reinforce the joys of living. A memoir for any and every season, Potluck, Postscripts & Potpourri is the ideal gift for everyone who loves to entertain, recall enjoyable times with loved ones, and plan ahead for many more special occasions!

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Who Will Enjoy Potluck, Postscripts & Potpourri?

Anyone who loves cooking delicious Southern recipes.
Anyone who enjoys entertaining Family and Friends.
Anyone looking for useful tips and fun ideas for entertaining children of all ages.
Anyone who plans to write a personal memoir and or a family history.
Anyone who enjoys regional history and the culture of the times.
Anyone who enjoys heartwarming stories about close families and good friends.


 Having enjoyed many meals at the author’s table, prepared by her gentle and skilled hands, I was overjoyed to find recipes for some of them in her book. One of her recipes, the one for crackling of bread, I have bragged about far and wide on both sides the Atlantic.
Willie Ruff, Professor of Music, Yale University, founder of world-renowned Ruff Duo, co-founder of W.C. Handy Music Festival
 Jean Gay Mussleman and I are devoted kinfolk. I am proud we have another author in the family, and I am honored that her delightfully entertaining book about food and family, Potluck, Postscripts & Potpourri, will be sharing bookshelves right up there with my books about church, family, and local history.
Colonel (ret.) William Lindsey McDonald,Florence City
Historian Emeritus
 To share the stories, recipes, memories, and conversations of Jean Gay, David, their children, assorted pets, and friends is to become part of a family with a sense of place. They have reached out in service to their community with a big helping of creativity, humor, and serious dedication. We thank them for sharing.

Nancy C. Gonce,
W.C. Handy Music Festival Coordinator

About Jean Gay Mussleman

Jean Gay Lindsey Mussleman grew up surrounded by generations of family, Southern food, and cotton fields in the rural community of Oakland near Florence, Alabama. Her fifty-seven year marriage continues to unfold a perpetual adventure in love, family, politics, and business. Today, Jean Gay is president and CEO of Eldercare Services, which she founded in 1996 to provide in-home care for the aging. Jean Gay is an avid collector of heirloom recipes and enjoys sharing them with Family and Friends.

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