The White Lie


The White Lie

By Philip Shirley

Advertising executive Peter Brantley is carjacked at gunpoint when a drug bust goes bad at a bus station near where he is stopped at a traffic light. After the carjacker instructs Peter to drive to a deserted, rural area, Peter knows he will be murdered as a witness, so he intentionally crashes his car and leaves the unconscious criminal at the scene. But Peter keeps the gym bag of cocaine left in his car. With a marriage on the rocks and depressed over his brother's death from a drug overdose, Peter back home comes up with a wild scheme to get even with the drug dealers by ransoming back the drug, but with no intention to deliver. He enlists his skeptical but capable wife, Mary Beth, to help him go against the odds to face a ruthless drug kingpin and a drug task force leader who are both closing in.

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